Have you received a phone call?

If you've received a phone call from us it could be because we've just found a great new provider who may be able to save you money. On this page you can find the most common questions and answers when receiving a phone call from SwitchBill, if you still need help simply get in touch.

How we work

We do our best work when we can actually speak to a customer. Meaning nearly all of our switches are done over the phone. 

Most common questions

Here are the most common questions and answers we get. Take a look through:

I have a missed call from you

If you have a missed call from us, we may have been trying to contact you about a great new product, service or way for you to save money. We may likely try and contact you a couple more times, if you don't want to be contact simply drop us an email and we'll remove you from our marketing list. 

Why did you call me

We called you as we've either found a cheaper tariff or service for you, or found you a new product or provider you may be interested in. If you don't want to be marketed to then just let us know. We don't bite. 

You sold a product to me and I've changed my mind

If we've helped you switch providers and you've changed your mind, in nearly all cases you will have a minimum of 14 days from the date of the switch to be able to cancel for free!

I felt pressured into switching

We never want to feel anyone is pressured into switching providers. If you get in contact, we'll phone the provider you switched to and cancel the switching process. We'll also collect more information so we can investigate it further and retrain any of our friendly representatives.

I don't want to be called again

If you're not looking for our support anymore then that's fine. Simply get in touch and we'll remove you from our contact list. 

Want more help?

Head on over to our contact page and we'll get right back to you.