Switch broadband with SwitchBill

& save up to £100

Why you should shop around!

Shopping round is important if you don't then how do you know you're on the best deal each year. 

Here at switch bill we do the hard work for you, we help you switch your provider as simple as that. 


Did you know, nearly 100% of broadband providers put their prices up at the end of their initial promotion period. You should ALWAYS check your providers' terms and conditions. 

There are around 150 broadband companies in the UK. Can you name even 10% of them?

As there are so many providers across the UK, it's hard to know which ones are good and which ones are bad. Most providers use the same infrastructure and lines that others do, with a vast majority all using OpenReach. So as most providers use the same stuff, why spend more on one over another.


We may not be associated with some of the brands you see on our site. We display these brands for illustrative purposes to show you who people switch from and switch to.

We help you with more!

A lot of bill switching companies only support you with a couple of things and don't help you with your other bills. We help you with everything we can! From tips and tricks to introducing you to our great partners who can help you further!

New boilers

Getting a better boiler can save you over £45 a month and you can buy one for less than £17 a month…. It’s a sure winner.

Government Grants

Grants are great, but they are also time-consuming and no one wants the hassle. So we’re hear to help. We’ll do the leg work of finding any grants such as free solar panels or eco boilers, if we find any, we’ll help you get it going.

Tips and tricks

We send out regular money saving tips, advice and products that we've personally tested. From tin foil behind the radiators to solar panels, we test anything and everything we can get our hands on.... all for you!

Switch Energy providers - £POA

Switch Broadband providers - up to £120

Switch Insurance or warranty providers - £100's

Install a new boiler? - upto £340

Replace your single glaze windows - £100s

How much could you save?

You could save £100's or maybe even thousands if every year you switched all your regular bills. Made your home more eco and lived life a little more frugal. This list is just a few things you could save on, but there is a lot lot more. 

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