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As a money-saving site, we help 1000s of people each year save money on their outgoing bills. We do this by searching the market for new cheaper providers, to help you move away from the big companies who charge the big bucks.

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We're not an auto switching platform that switches you every month just to save you 50p. 

We're not going to bamboozle you with all kinda switching jargon. 

We simply help you switch to a new provider, saving you money and we're FREE. So why not switch through us!

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We may not be associated with some of the brands you see on our site. The logos there to show that these are some of the companies we compare new and upcoming providers to.

Join over 7000 of our fans on their quest for saving cash!

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A lot of bill switching companies only support you with energy switching and don't mind about your other bills. We help you with everything! From tips and tricks to introducing you to our great partners who can help you further!

New boilers

Getting a better boiler can save you over £45 a month and you can buy one for less than £17 a month…. It’s a sure winner.

Government Grants

Grants are great, but they are also time-consuming and no one wants the hassle. So we’re hear to help. We’ll do the leg work of finding any grants such as free solar panels or eco boilers, if we find any, we’ll help you get it going.

Tips and tricks

We send out regular money saving tips, advice and products that we've personally tested. From tin foil behind the radiators to solar panels, we test anything and everything we can get our hands on.... all for you!

Switch Energy providers - £200-400

New boilers and boiler grants

Insulation and money saving tips

What we help you with

The funny thing is, most people take the easy route, switch their energy provider. However, if you have an inefficient boiler, you're still wasting money. The same goes with loads of things in your house and life.